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Our Mission:

We are a grass-roots citizen group that has come together to engage community members in support of our military service members, their families and our veterans.  Our purpose is to ensure that military members and their families will never be expected to face life’s daily challenges without the support of their friends, neighbors, and the Forest Lake community.

We believe:

  • A sense of community is built upon the capacity of people to serve and connect with one another in a shared effort.
  • The Yellow Ribbon Network is essential to building a strong community.
  • People who serve in our voluntary United States Military Forces are citizens with the same rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and equal protection under the law as other citizens.
  • Our military service members and their families should be given the services, support and protection they need in their home communities where they live, learn, work and play.
  • Our community has a responsibility to proactively and respectfully provide veteran care, family member care and youth care during the life cycle of our service members.
  • Neighborhoods and communities must be encouraged to include military families when deployment of a family member limits their resources.
  • Military service members have the right to access a network of information, education, training and a comprehensive system of community services.

What we do:

We seek out community members who are willing to provide a variety of support services.  We gain the support of community leaders in other organizations and government to form a synchronized network of resources for our military service members and their families.  We work to publicly and privately recognize the sacrifices our military service members have made on our behalf.

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